Things to Look for When Hiring a Piano Mover

Moving all your things is surely a stressful experience. It requires your effort and sweats, but at least they can be moved without requiring specialized equipment or professional assistance. This is what your piano requires during relocation. A lot of people might think that moving a piano can be done without a help from a professional service; however, piano players would not this risk as this imposes potential damage to the piano as well as injuries to them. There are lots of services that offer you the convenience, expertise, and equipment for relocation. All you just need is to find piano movers in your local area and let them do the job. 

This might sound easy: calling some piano movers and be faithful to the service you will yet experience. Even piano movers may cause damage to your instruments unless they are really experts and well-trained to do the job. Here, we provide you the things you need to look for before hiring piano movers. 


Make a background check before hiring piano movers 

Take time to check all the available information you can obtain from the company and the service they provide. You can do this by reading reviews online. Through this, you will have a glimpse of some of the most satisfying services people have tried in your local area. You can also ask for recommendations from friends and family.  



Check the company’s insurance and license 

This is important. Piano movers are skilled at doing the work; there is no question to that. However, there might be situations that all of you cannot control, and may lead to unexpected and “unfixable” damages. Dealing with this will be less problematic when you are protected under the moving insurance.  


The license also proves that the people you hire have the proper skills and training in the job they are doing. 


Check their References 

Asking references is different from reading reviews and asking for recommendations from friends. References can be given by the company itself. A good quality service company is confident in the service it has provided to their past customers and will more likely give you some references. A company that hesitates to provide you any already gives you a red flag.  


Ask for a Quote 

Piano movers should be able to provide a moving quote when being requested. This will give you an estimation of the price of the piano relocation. It is important to balance fair pricing and good quality service. While it is true that expensive service means good quality service, there is a reason to opt to cheaper one if it still provides the same quality of service. 


Hire Locals 

While there is no problem in hiring non-local piano movers, hiring a service that is located near your vicinity gives you a lot of advantages. First, local piano movers are faster to respond as they are near your area. Second, they know the place’s route better than non-local piano movers. In this way, they know what places to avoid to prevent damage, or what routes are faster. Third, they are cheaper compared to non-local piano movers.   

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