Have you observed that your fridge does not appear to keep your food sufficiently cold than it used to? Aside from being a hassle, food spoilage could be a nasty and costly surprise. Thankfully, Modesto Appliance Pros can help you fix any culprits that make your fridge malfunction. Some appliance repair Modesto may be quite simple for you to do on your own, however, it would still be recommended to contact the experts to finish the job right the first time. Below are some of the typical culprits why your fridge is not keeping cool: 

Leaky door gaskets 

Once cold air leaks out of your freezer or fridge, it may be due to your faulty or old door gaskets—the rubber that strips around that door that aids to seal in the cold air. Observe if your gaskets are loose or torn. 

Dirty condenser coils 

When was the last time you checked at the coils on the bottom or at the back of your refrigerator? If you’ve never done it or you’ve done it for a while now, the hair, dirt, and dust that accumulates there could result in your refrigerator to malfunction. To repair this, you should make sure to unplug the fridge and then turn on your vacuum and target it over the coils of your fridge. 

Broken temperature controls 

Once the controls of your temperature are not functioning, it could be because they might entirely be broken or you might be setting your refrigerator at the incorrect temperature.  

The anti-frost feature malfunctions 

The ant-frost feature utilizes a fan that blows air all over, and once it is malfunctioning or obstructed, it will create weird or loud noises because of the unbalanced fan. Also, you can observe the development of frost near the coils.  

Insufficient airflow 

Do you have lots of food within your refrigerator? If so, that could be the reason why your fridge’s airflow is obstructed that’s needed to keep your food cool. To see greater results, you can attempt to downsize your containers or attempt to move things around.  

Broken switch of the door 

Every time you open the door of your fridge, the door switch will be activated as it turns on the light in and turns off the active cooling. If your fridge has a broken switch, it will not receive the memo to resume cooling. Aside from that, the light could produce extra heat, which can impact the internal temperature. 

Vents are clogged 

Once you observe that the vents between the freezer and fridge are obstructed with ice, it could affect the cooling capability of the fridge. To fix this, try unplugging the fridge and allow the ice to melt. After doing this, plug it back in. 

Leaking coolant 

Ultimately, though this reason rarely happens, there’s still a possibility that your refrigerator could be leaking coolant. This is one of those refrigerator issues that cannot be fixed with DIY methods.  Hence, if this is the case, you should opt to connect with a professional right away.